New To YOU!

If you want to pop some tags on a budget, then you HAVE to get into the trend of thrifting.  A thrift shop is not just a hit song by rapper Macklemore. Thrifting is a lifestyle. The fashion resale market is major right now!  There’s more to it than just buying old, used clothes. You’ll find hidden treasures while sifting through the racks and bins of consignment shops and second-hand stores. What was once old to one is now new to you!

If you’re a young fashionista you can completely revamp your entire wardrobe without breaking the bank.  The thrift store is actually the perfect go-to retailer for those timeless items that are a must-have in your closet.  You need the essential staples pieces—little black dresses, knit sweaters, jeans, button-ups, etc. You can find an outfit for any occasion.  If you have a hot date, meeting friends for dinner, or have a job interview, you can find each separate outfit all in the same place for under $50. And if you have a good eye and even better luck, you’ll find great name-brand styles without those designer prices.  Thrifters have found real Louis Vuitton bags for $15 or Burberry scarves for as cheap as 99 cents. That’s more than just a deal, that’s a STEAL!

Vintage Finds.png

And of course, there will be those vintage looks you’ll come across.  Since history repeats itself, and that goes for fashion as well, you can keep up with all the popular trends with actual pieces from the era that inspired the designers.  The high-waist mom jeans, the band tees, the fringe jackets, and the pleated skirts are all pieces from back in the 80s and beyond that have been recycled into today’s high fashion! But guess who just got all these authentic clothes and accessories for less than 50 bucks?! YOU DID! That’s the price of one top at major retail stores! And despite the price, you can be confident that you’re getting great quality pieces.  There’s just a certain essence of the manufacturing of clothes back in the day, from the fabrics and materials used to the craftsmanship of seams and hems.

But what else can be better than high-quality design and penny-pinching? Knowing that everything you buy from a thrift store is unique!  It’s unlikely there will be two of anything, so what’s that mean? You don’t have to worry about showing up to an event with the same Forever21 outfit as everyone else.  Show up, take your compliments on your one-of-a-kind outfit, and brag about how you saved a fortune while splurging!

Like Macklemore said, “stuntin’ and flossin’ and saving my money.”