What's In My Bag?

This summer I’m in my bag—literally and figuratively!  I’ve been focused, in my zone and all about ME. So I decided to treat myself to a luxury designer bag this season.  And it’s a gift that is big enough to fit my entire life inside! Literally! I can’t go anywhere without it! 


What's In Anthea's Bag? 

Our fabulous Marketing Assistant shares what's in her bag! 

My bag isn’t just filled with pocket tissue and loose change. Of course, it’s stuffed with the basics--my wallet, my car keys, and my phone. And I always have a little extra aside from the essentials. From an extra pair of studs and hair ties to jolly ranchers and chewing gum, the ingredients in my bag is a recipe that just screams young millennial. I always have my favorite NYX lip gloss!  And I keep a red lipstick close by as well because you just never know if you have to make a quick detoured stop or who you may run into! And of course I keep some eyeliner and concealer in case I need to touch up my look, along with some hand cream and hand sanitizer as some other beauty products.

What's in Anthea's bag_ (1).jpg

And while working on-the-go, I always keep my iPad on me while the writer in me also carries around a small notepad, planner, and several pens that accumulated over time! And I definitely cannot be without my headphones. Once I’m done fishing those out of my bag and untangling them from the cord to my portable charger, I’m able to ensure that I never miss an email, text, or call.  Just in case I need to give my phone or tablet some quick juice when my batteries are running low, the portable charger certainly comes in handy.

You can’t have an everyday purse, without your everyday essentials.  My designer handbag is no stranger to basic contents. I always have to have the necessities with a little something extra!

So, what’s in YOUR bag?