Summer Beauty Essentials

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Summer is here, the sun is blazing, and the heat is no joke!  Keeping up with your beauty and skin care can be a difficult task during these heat waves.  When the seasons change, so should your products and routines. You want to avoid caking your face with product on top of product. When purchasing beauty products, search for the ones that will provide the most skin protection, light coverage, and long-lasting wear.

Summer is a time when you’re likely to spend hours outside and exposed to the sun.  Keeping your skin hydrated and protected is so important. Sunscreen is definitely a must have for all skin types and complexions.  Check your favorite makeup brands for toners, primers, and moisturizers that include SPF to ensure that you are protecting your skin from harmful rays and sun damage. A daily moisturizer like Aveeno is perfect for the job!

Less is more during this time of year.  Find a tinted moisturizer or bb cream that provides a full coverage look without the heaviness of foundation.   These creams are usually light on your skin and light in texture. Even out your skin tone and add a radiant glow with a natural look.  Your complexion will appear clearer and smoother without clogging your pores. This is great for how sensitive your skin gets during the summer.  NYX and Maybelline have great creams for blurring imperfections.

And lastly, use products that have long lasting wear.  You don’t want to be caught this summer with your face seemingly melting off.  Cosmetics like mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, etc that have no smudge, no smear,  or no runniness are perfect for this time of year. Remember that the summer calls for sweaty and oily skin, which can cause your makeup to run, so setting sprays and translucent powders are essential to holding your makeup in place as well. And even if you have little-to-no makeup on, a translucent powder is great for taming your shine and keeping a matte and polished look. Airspun and Rimmel London are super popular powders.

Antoinette Arnold