DIY Press Release

PR Professionals are the obvious choice to blast your event or media, but sometimes the best source to create hype around your content, is YOU! As the owner, you are the key to your brand ‘s story.

We know writing a press release can feel intimidating but as long as you follow these 5 tips you'll be ready and prepared to spread, (or shout!) the word about your business.

1. Stick to the facts- Make sure that your news is factual. If you've only sold 25 units of a product, don't round that number up to a more "attractive" number (even if you think you'll hit that number in the near future, there are no guarantees here). The media will never trust you again and that will be yet another roadblock. We want you to succeed!

2. Answer the 5 W's- Who, What, Where, When, & Why (Sometimes How). Answering the 5 W's is key when writing a press release because it provides the media with information up front eliminating questions about your event, product or service.

3. Limit Jargon/ Sales pitch-  Approach your press release the way you approach Twitter: limited characters with a great message! Your Press release shouldn't sound like an advertisement that comes on after midnight. Provide factual information to get a journalist's attention. Industry jargon and sales pitches are a quick and easy way for a journalist to delete your email.

4. Newsworthiness - A release has to contain NEWS. Partnerships with a brand (H&M Partners with Versace for a limited collection), is news. If you're stuck here, watch or read your local news station to see what's happening, and how to convey  information. Don't worry about being "boring"-- if it's exciting to you, chances are others will want to hear it. You're an exciting person!

5. Contact Information - This may sound silly but one of the Golden Rules in PR. Make sure that the media has your contact information. You're probably thinking but I emailed them they can just hit reply. Technology isn't 100% reliable be sure to have your contact information on your release (Office phone, first and last name, Cell phone, and email).

Comment below on your DIY press release success.

Antoinette Arnold