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What is Authentic Coaching? 

Authentic Coaching is a DIY marketing communications academy, offering business owners no fluff marketing, PR & sales strategies.

Who Should Join This Membership? 

This easy to implement membership is for beauty, wellness, fashion and lifestyle brands ready to gain maximum exposure for their products or services. 

What Will You Learn From The Membership? 

The Authentic Coaching Academy delivers self-paced videos that provide actionable strategies and corresponding worksheets.

Our bite-size videos are formatted to complement your business leaving you with the time needed to apply the steps learned in our program. 


 Get Seen In Top Media Outlets

 Module Topics: 

Preparing Your Mindset: Get ready to learn how to work through fear and combat negative thoughts.

Sharing Your Brand Story: PR101: We're cutting to the chase and teaching you how to use your story to gain the spotlight in magazines, TV and radio.

Building Relationships with the Media & Influencers: Wouldn't it be wonderful if the media sent you feature request for product or services? Our relationship building strategies will take your relationships to the next level. 

Promoting Your Press for Profit: How exciting, your product has been featured in a major media outlet! Now what? Let's flip that media placement into dollars with our promote your press for profit strategies.

Partnerships: Building Your Tribe: There's no "I" in team and there's no tribe without a community of partners to help you grow your brand. We'll show you how to build the ultimate tribe of complementary businesses.

Closing the Deal: The ABC’s of Getting Your Brand Ready for Retail & Sales: Courting major and small retailers is like getting ready for a first date. Your brand needs to be on point. This module will get you ready for that major purchase order and your overall sales strategies.

Additional Membership Perks!

Access to our private Facebook Group

One Q&A coaching call per month.

VIP access to live webinars

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