SQN Reigns as Chicago’s Best Hair Salon.


We combined Sine Qua Non's content strategy snd ambassador program to maximize content creation and utility. Our two-tiered strategy increased organic content share and lead into our PR strategy for the salon.


The content we created for Sine Qua Non ranged from videos highlighting the salon's stylist creative styling abilities.These videos were used across social pages, advertising and the salon's website. Incorporating the salon's new ambassadors increased the videos viewership from the ambassadors sharing across their social media channels and blogs.

We partnered with local beauty bloggers for Sine Qua Non's ambassador program. The

ambassadors participated in video shoots and photo shoots. They also created their own content about the salon services and products for their blogs and social media channels. The total reach from developing content and the ambassador program was 48k.

From our local media relations Sine Qua Non was recognized in Chicago Magazine's Best of Hair Salons, Time Out Chicago's Best Hair Salon, Byrdie's Best Hair Salon and Salon Today's Salon of the year. We also secured the salon's first TV Segment on Good Day Chicago. Publicity reached over 5 Million impressions.