Since working with Authentic Noise our press coverage has included blog, trade magazine, regional and national magazine coverage. The professional tenacity employed in making and maintaining relationships with editors, bloggers, tastemakers, etc. is evident in the quality of the placement Authentic Noise has secured for Mitchell Black. An added benefit of working with Authentic Noise has been sales and sponsorship opportunities in areas we had not contemplated internally. Having an ally working to improve the bottom line 24 hours a day with social media management, etc. is invaluable. Additionally, the level of service and the availability makes working with Authentic Noise the best choice Mitchell Black could have made in PR.

Lynai J. Owner, Mitchell Black

I’ve worked with Authentic Noise for a long time and the journey has been absolutely amazing! As a new designer, my main focus was to create a fabulous clothing line. I had no clue of all the marketing and branding details that needed to be done prior to launching my collection. Authentic Noise has a great team of professionals that are extremely talented and passionate. The quality of their service and attention to detail has exceeded my expectation. Because of Authentic Noise’s loyalty and dedication to perfection, my company has grown and expanded beyond my belief. Authentic Noise has made it possible for me to continue to chase my dreams as being a competitive force in the fashion industry.

Shani B. Creative Director, True Blessyn