Authentic Noise creates compelling, brand messages that garner media, and consumer attention. 


 We offer the following services to create the buzz your brand deserves.


Integrated Marketing Communications

Authentic Noise develops communication strategies tailored to your business goals, dramatically boosting your brand's visibility and recognition.

Digital & Broadcast Public Relations Campaigns

Product Placement & Seeding

Multicultural Programming

Brand Sponsorship

Strategic Partnerships

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

We create cohesive strategies that engage a brand’s community by understanding relevant digital channels and effective content creation.

Social Media Management & Strategy

Influencer Partnerships

Brand Ambassador Management

Content Creation

Sponsored Content Development

Digital Marketing


Website Development

Email Marketing

Visual Marketing

Video and photography are powerful ways to communicate a brand's story. We create effective visual content for social media platforms, websites, newsletters, blogs and digital advertising.

Video marketing strategy

Script Writing  

Video production

Photo Shoots Production

Event Production

We produce and manage events that drive brand exposure and consumer engagement. Our steady pulse on all things fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle ensures a successful event.

Product Launches - Chicago-Based and National

Press Tours

Trade Show Management


Authentic Noise Strategy Sessions


There are so many moving parts to entrepreneurship, especially when you have several ideas and don’t know where to begin. Like you, I remember when I started Authentic Noise, I had so many ideas that I didn’t know where I should start and how to execute them. I read a ton of books and invested in business coaches that helped me get clear on my business goals and put action behind my ideas. I knew that if I had these roadblocks, other business owners had them too. So I decided to create Authentic Noise Strategy Sessions.

Our strategy sessions are a one-on-one 90-minute meeting where I work with you on unpacking your ideas and create a marketing strategy that supports one of your ideas. By the end of the session, you will have clarity and action steps that will get you to your goals.

The process:

  • In-person (Chicago only) or virtual webinar

  • Schedule session

  • Pre-session questionnaire for me to get familiar with your business and conduct research.



I took a hiatus from the fashion scene for a few years to focus on myself. I was finally ready in 2018 to get back into designing with a fresh new concept for a new lifestyle brand. I had so many  ideas and goals that I wanted to accomplish but the anxiety of executing these goals became overwhelming. Working with Authentic Noise, I was able to create a clear blueprint for my short term  and long term goals that were strategically outline to ensure success. I felt so empowered after my first session, and it wasn’t long before I started checking goals off my list and seeing the results of Authentic Noise brand strategy  session. Thank you Authentic Noise 

S. Brown, Craving Good Vibes

I had the pleasure to have a strategy session with Antoinette and she was nothing short of amazing!!! I had a block that would not allow me to see what it was I was trying to create and with her session, she helped me unlock some doors that I'd closed because of fear, Antoinette helped me see different ways to apply my vision and multiple ways to use it. I still revisit my notes from our session when I start to feel a little lost my notes help get me right back on track. I would highly recommend taking her strategy session. I look forward to working with Antoinette in the future.

T. Coleman, Uncharted Taritory

It was such a pleasure working with Antoinette! All I can say is, I’m glad our paths crossed. I came to her with a head spinning full of ideas. She helped me to talk them through which ultimately led to conceptualizing multiple ideas. We focused on long term outcomes which really helped to put things in perspective. Less than a week after our meeting, I took steps towards fulfilling one of my major goals! Whether she likes it or not, she has a client for life!! 

Dr. K. King, MD

Fashion Influencer & Mommy Blogger